Drillcon Group

Drillcon is a service provider of Mining and Construction drilling solutions. Establish over 50 years ago and from day one from awarded international contracts. We have a wide area of drilling services within Core Drilling and Raise Boring and a close cooperation with customers and business partners.

Drillcon delivers sustainable solutions for increased productivity through innovative services. Headquartered in Sweden with companies in Europe and Latin America, the Group’s global reach spans more than 45 markets.

Drilling provider for Mining and Construction Segment

Drilling services consisting of surface and underground core drilling rigs. We also do percussion drillings (soil samples, chip samples, securing of rock surface and versatile technical in-hole surveys.

Drillcon has variety of rigs for surface and underground drilling with light rigs on rubber tracks, skids to heavy duty computer controlled rigs down to 2000m depth. We delivery great core recovery and well trained operators with exposure from international customer’s demands.

Drillcon has a wide range of raiseborers for shafts from 0,66 to 6,5m in diameter performed both surface and underground. Our customers are within the Mining and Construction segment.

Drillcon raiseboring both vertical and declined shafts with guarantee of safety first, speed and decrease cost operated by well trained operators with exposure from international customers demands.

As an add-on service Drillcon provides geophysical, geological and geotechnical services for Mining and construction customers.

Drillcon can provide borehole deviation surveys, Seismic Surveys, Geological reports and Ground Penetration Radar on surface and in boreholes.