Safety & environment

Policy – according to ISO 9001 and ISO 45001.
This policy is applicable to all operations in the Drillcon Group and each MD responsible to implement this in their operation.

Sustainable & Corporate Responsibilities  

Within Drillcon group we have commitments to our stake holders, internal as external to fulfil the demands to reducing the environmental impacts of mining and infrastructure, resulting in several legislative initiatives globally. Those regulations seek to reduce emissions, noise, industrial waste and other negative impacts on the environment.

We are humbled for the mission and in same time we understand it is an important pillar of the integrated sustainable approach to move Drillcon position forward with processes and targets. This requires an open mindset to challenge what we doing today and find other solutions to improve our operations.

Patrik Rylander

CEO & President Drillcon Group

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Business Code of Practice & Whistler blower


Drillcon’s ledning och medarbetare har åtaganden till interna och externa intressenter och det är av högsta vikt att medarbetare hos Drillcon’s följer vår Business Code of Practice.


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