Message From CEO

2019 – Strong improved net-margin, new contracts been closed and customers rewarded

Drillcon continue to perform and during the last three years had an organic growth with approximately 48 percent and in the same time improved the net-margin. Year 2019 is no exception; we continue to grow our market share and improve the net-margin with 4,4 percent equal to 19,2 percent. We deliver volumes with the requested quality in right time to our customers. The new customers we contracted have their business in other minerals. This means we have added customers that extend our weighted basket with minerals vs revenues and as result decrease our sensitivity and risk exposure connected to a volatile market for mineral pricing. All to all this is a recipe we are doing a great work, something that shall be dedicated our employees within Drillcon Group.

Essential occurrence during the report period :

  • High safety culture where the Loss Time Injured (LTI) is now below 1,0
  • We continue to grow our market share and in same time the net-margin improves
  • The contract closed during 2019 gives a stabile base for a continues increased production volume for 2020
  • The demand from the market in short terms expects to remain at the current good level

Patrik Rylander – CEO

2018 In Brief

We are pleased to see how Drillcon continue to perform. Drillcon deliver result and an organic growth spite some disturbance in the production first quarter and end of last quarter that resulted in losses of production volumes.
Our local presence has been rewarded by the market with new contracts. The journey to transform Drillcon and to improve the efficiency in purpose to be the customers first choice will continue with high focus. Our investments in new technology and automized rigs has been contributed to an increased production volume. Several trainee programs been concluded during the year in purpose to create a platform av potential future operators who will be part of our journey to continue to grow.

The organic growth with increased market share and the contracts closed during 2018 will contribute and open up for a possible high production volume during 2019.

Patrik Rylander – CEO

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