Message From CEO

Drillcon delivered strong 2017 and closed a record year with an organic growth of 36 percent and improves the operating margin with 2 percent after depreciations. With support from market and good timing with several important decisions has the conditions and foundations for continues growth with stability and profitability established. The work to change, re-structure, improve efficiency and adapt Drillcon to the demand from market started 2016 and continue 2017 has been rewarded by the market. Each entity is closer the customers, collect more request for quotations and have a high production capacity.

There is no indication that the demand from market in short term will be slower at present. The total demand and willingness to invest in short terms expect to remain on the same high level.

Patrik Rylander
Group CEO

2017 In Brief

2017 – Record year with improved operating profit and strong organic growth
A record year resulting with an organic growth of 36 percent and 349 Mkr in turn-over and improved operating margin with 2 percent. Drillcon Iberia increased the production fourth quarter within raiseboring and coredrilling. Drillcon Scandinavia follow Iberia with same drive and growth. Drillcon Americas finalized the production of the first contract and de-mobilized from site. Several potential contracts identified, and the number of customer contacts increased. We are aware it will take time to grow this geographic market and we work with full energy to establish the brand Drillcon in the region.

Drillcon sales 2017 per geographic market.

  • Sweden
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Finland
  • Bulgaria
  • Other