Message from the CEO

Drillcon Group's quarterly and annual reports.
​2022 - Summary

We have gone from a pandemic to a Russian war against Ukraine which resulted in bottleneck effects in the logistics chain, component shortages to energy crisis and inflation. This has meant, among other things, price increases for spare parts, components, and travels, which has resulted in an increased production cost per drilling meter.

The first half of the year's operating profit before depreciation was clearly affected by these external factors. During the second half of the year, there was a strong recovery in operating profit, which meant that the year could close with SEK 36.3 million in operating profit before deprication. I am proud of how the organization shows action and proactivity, despite a turbulent year, and that the measures we have put in place to improve profitability are yielding results.

In our internal strategic work, we continue to build on our strengths and at the same time continue to shape the organization for continued profitable growth. The result in the second half of the year is proof that we are on the right track, and that there is further potential for increasing results. Considering the current situation in 2022, we chose to decline potential contracts in new geographic markets, as we see expect a good growth in the markets where we are already active and a continued focus on profitability.

Patrik Rylander – CEO