Message from the CEO

Drillcon Group's quarterly and annual reports.
​2024 - Summary


A positive start to the year with a quarter that delivers an adjusted operating profit (EBIT) of SEK 5.1 million, which is an improvement of SEK 7.0 million compared to the same quarter last year. Our revenues in the first quarter ended at SEK 108 million, which is at the same levels as the previous year's corresponding quarter. However, the sales volume was somewhat lower than we expected. This is mainly due to production disruptions that resulted in stopped production at some drilling sites. Despite this, the operating profit EBITDA for the period improved by 84% and amounted to SEK 10.1 million. If we exclude the now taken liquidation costs for Americas, the operating profit before depreciation was SEK 12.3 million.

In the short term, we expect that the underlying demand for our various drilling services will continue to remain at a good level and, with increasing volumes, profitability will continue to improve.

Patrik Rylander - CEO