Core Drilling

Drillcon – Strong position in Diamond Core Drilling

Being the market leader within the segment Drillcon disposes a modern and well maintained equipment. The crews are well trained and have experience in all different aspects of core drilling. Within the construction segment we provide solutions for the re-enforcement of water dams, ground re-enforcement and injection drilling. We also provide and perform Directional Core Drilling and positional surveys of completed holes, using state-of-the-art measurement instruments.


Core drillings

Core drillings on the surface and underground are performed by units powered by diesel or electricity.

  • Conventional or wire line equipment.
  • Sample diametre range 22-102 mm.
  • Double or triple core barrels with split inner tube.
  • Core recovery is improved by multi-component polymers

Percussion drillings

Percussion drillings are usually performed to obtain soil or rock samples or for securing a rock surface. Samples are taken by:

  • Flow-through samplers with 0-16 or 0.19 litre volume.
  • Tube samplers with 0.45 – 1.30 litre volume.
  • Wire line samplers with 0.87 – 2.60 litre volume.

Technical surveys and services

Drillcon offers a range of technical surveys and services related to drilling.

  • 3D directional survey of holes optically or magnetically
  • Directional drilling and branching of holes by wedging or eccentric core barrel
  • Sample orientation by various methods
  • Water pressure tests
  • Geophysical in-hole surveys
  • Video surveys or digital imaging of holes
  • Geological logging of core samples
  • Determination of elastic properties of core samples
  • Positioning with precision GPS
  • Installation of ground water monitoring wells