Drillcon’s Geoservices operations.

Drillcon can also provide additional services like geotechnical surveys. This is a heritage from the acquisition of Suomen Malmi Oy. Within this segment, we provide services including bore hole deviation surveys, Ground Penetration Radar on surface and in-hole. We also offer services like Rock mechanical monitoring and Geological reporting.

  • Instruments for borehole deviation surveys
  • Ground Penetration Radar on surface and in Borehole
  • Seismic Surveys
  • Geological reporting
  • Digital Optical Borehole Imaging
  • Transient Electro Magnetic surveys on surface and in borehole
  • Gravity, magnetic, IP and resistivity surveys
  • Rock Mechanical In-situ stress measurements
  • Rock Mechanical monitoring devices

Geophysical services

Geophysical services are one of Drillcon’s main services. Drillcon pioneered in applied geophysics back in the 1930s. Geophysical surveys are carried out on ground surface, in drill holes and in some cases also in underground spaces. Drillcon’s surveying methods comprise versatile measurements for mineral exploration and engineering. Drillcon’s surveying teams are highly experienced professionals.

Drillcon’s surveying equipment represents the state-of-the-art technology. Nearly all equipment comes with automatic data acquisition. The surveying results are transferred daily into a computer to verify the quality of the data and forwarded by email or mobile phone. The data are processed by advanced applications without delay at the Drillcon office and delivered promptly to the customer in the requested form.

Geophysical services of Drillcon:

  • Survey planning
  • Field work
  • Data processing
  • Interpretation
  • Map compiling
  • Reporting
Method Ground Drill Hole
Gravity +
Magnetic + +
Electromagnetic + +
Electrical & IP + +
Radiometric + +
Seismic +
Radar + +
Petrophysics +


Market leader in engineering geological logging

Drillcon’s geologists are specialised in engineering geological investigations. Our geologists also perform geological core logging. The logging results are recorded directly on a PC and the data processed and digitally printed out with advanced commercial applications. The Q´ classification in the reporting of core drilling was first introduced by Drillcon in Finland.

The geologists of Drillcon also report on the samples obtained in connection with stress measurements and the results of drill hole video surveying and digital imaging. According to our estimate, Drillcon has performed most of the logging of geotechnical core samples in Finland in recent years.

Geological services:

  • Geological and geotechnical core logging
  • Geological and geotechnical mapping on site
  • Dimension stone and aggregate investigations
  • Digital recording and processing of geological data

Rock Mechanics

Market leader in rock mechanical investigations and installations.

Drillcon performs in-situ rock stress measurements by two-dimensional hydraulic fracturing and three-dimensional over coring method. Drillcon measures elastic parameters of bed rock in-situ using seismic P and S waves. Drillcon performs versatile bed rock stability measurements and installs automatic monitoring systems for bed rock and movement. The services of Drillcon include surveying, monitoring, advisory services and technical reporting.

Rock Mechanics services:

  • Rock stress measurements in situ
  • Installation of extensometres
  • Installation of temperature and pressure sensors
  • Installation of monitoring systems
  • Determination of elastic properties of rock and rock samples in the field and laboratory