Drillcon Infrastructure operations.

With our knowledge and long experience of demanding projects with high complexity, we work very closely with our customers. By listening to the customer’s ideas, conditions and final goals, we can recommend carefully thought out solutions. We are often a cost-effective alternative in projects where conventional drilling is not suitable due to sensitive structures that must not be subjected to stress or vibration.

Typical projects are, for example, drilling for reinforcing concrete structures such as dams, and drilling for basic reinforcement of buildings and other structures in sensitive areas, where core drilling is the only suitable method. We do many of these works on culturally marked buildings.

Power station dams

In power station dams and other concrete constructions, diamond core drilling has many advantages. The method is completely vibration free, that gives a minimal impact on the construction surrounding environment.

Concrete core from the drilling can be analyzed regarding crack formation. The transformation between construction and solid rock is clearly visible.

  • Drilling for cable attachment
  • Drilling for injection
  • Drilling for core sample of concrete and rock


Injection drilling

The advantage of injection drilling using diamond core drilling, is that the holes are left clean. This makes it easier to thoroughly inject even small cracks.

The core is removed from the injection holes, leaving the cracks in the construction visible. The method is also vibration free, which benefits sensitive buildings in the surrounding area.

  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable method
  • Long experience and solid competence within Specialty Drilling
  • Drillcon Trainee Program ensures good working environment leading to high and consistent quality
  • Custom made and flexible solutions for each project
  • Cautious drilling using small, lightweight machinery with large capacity
  • Low noise level and vibration free drilling avoid disturbing neighboring areas
  • Large and well maintained machine fleet secures good delivery reliability
  • Drillcon employed service staff with own workshop and large stock of spare parts
  • Experienced Management available through all phases of the project