Drillcon – First choice in Raiseboring operations

Drillcon has increased the focus of raiseboring segment. In the Iberian Peninsula market we are market leader and our aim is to be market leader in all of Europe and Latin America. Our fleet of raiseboring rigs is well maintained with a capacity of 0,66-6,5 m in diameter. Drillcon provides to the market experienced management, quality supervision and well trained operators to every project we perform to meet all demand within: Ventilation, Ore and/or Waste passes, Production slot of raises and / or Narrow vein mining. Drillcon can also in joint with a partner perform shaft sinking projects.

Our clients are international Mining – and construction companies in Europe and Latin America. We can handle a full-range of diameters and depths of opening within:
  • Ventilation
  • Ore and/or Waste passes
  • Production slot raises
  • Narrow vein mining
  • Shaft sinking projects
  • Box hole