Drillcon Americas

Drillcon Americas SpA is the American subsidiary in the Drillcon Group.

Drillcon Americas SpA is the Latin American subsidiary in the Drillcon Group with its head office seated in Santiago, Chile. During several years, this territory has been evaluated by Drillcon Iberia SA and an increased interest from customers has been developed. The Company´s main business is divided into two areas: Raiseboring for mining and civil construction and Core Drilling for exploration and geotechnical purposes. Via tech-transfer Drillcon Iberia SA supports the operations in Chile aiming to build a sustainable organisation on the Raiseboring and Core Drilling market. Today Drillcon Americas SpA has started the travel to be the leading company and customers first choice in the territory. Customers such as Codelco and the consortium Acciona – Ossa have already discovered the performance of Drillcon services.

Environment, Safety and Quality have always highest priority. Drillcon has established management systems for these purposes and is certified according to OHSAS 18001. Another key factor is the Human Resources management. Drillcon has developed an internal trainee program for operators that consists of classroom and on-site training.


Diamond Core Drilling

Being the market leader within the segment Drillcon disposes over a modern and well maintained equipment. The crews are well trained and have experience in all different aspects of core drilling. The clients are international mining and construction companies in Europe and Latin America. We also provide solutions and carry out activities for the civil engineering segment, as well as for geotechnical investigations. Within the construction segment we provide solutions for the re-enforcement of water dams, ground re-enforcement and injection drilling. We also provide and perform Directional Core Drilling and positional surveys of completed holes, using state-of-the-art measurement instruments.



Drillcon has increased the focus on the Raiseboring segment, and our aim is to be the market leader. Our fleet of raiseboring rigs is well maintained with a capacity from 0,66 to 6,5 meter in diameter. The clients are international mining and construction companies in Europe and Latin America. We can handle a full range of diameters and depths of openings. Our fleet of raiseboring rigs is modern and well maintained. Drillcon offers experienced management to the market, quality supervision and well trained operators to every project we perform. Our scope ranges from ventilation, ore and waste passes, production slot raises up to narrow vein mining. Drillcon also performs shaft sinking and rehabilitation projects in joint with our partner companies.



Drillcon can also provide additional services like geotechnical surveys. This is a heritage from the acquisition of Suomen Malmi Oy. Within this segment, we provide services including bore hole deviation surveys, Ground Penetration Radar on surface and in-hole. We also offer services like Rock mechanical monitoring and Geological reporting.