• 1963Bolaget etableras

    Kärnborrning AB bildas som ett dotterbolag till Hagby Bruk AB i Nora.
  • 1989 Försäljning av bolag

    Bolaget etablerasIn 1989, Hagby Bruk sold the company to the management and the company continued to grow.
  • 1991Bolagsförvärv

    Bolaget etablerasIn 1991, the state owned drilling contractor SGAB Borr was acquired. SGAB had at the time sixty employees and a large number of drill rigs and was the biggest competitor to Kärnborrning AB.
  • 1993Bolagsförvärv

    Bolaget etablerasIn 1993, the Boliden’s internal contracting division (Boliden GB) was acquired and the Drillcon Group was formed. Boliden GB was primarily active in raiseboring, drill and blast and transport in Boliden’s mines. Boliden GB was sold in 1996 except for the raiseboring business that was kept under the name Drillcon Raise AB.
  • 1994Nytt Dotterbolag

    Bolaget etablerasIn 1994, the subsidiary Drillcon Iberia SA was founded. Later all activities in Portugal, performed by Drillcon Raise AB and Drillcon Core AB, were transferred to the new subsidiary Drillcon Iberia SA.
  • 2001Omstrukturering

    Bolaget etablerasDuring 2001, Drillcon Raise AB was split and some equipment was sold and the rest were transferred to Drillcon Core AB in Sweden and rented to Drillcon Iberia SA.
  • 2006Börsinträde

    Bolaget etablerasIn August 2006 Drillcon was listed on First North MTF (Stockholm Stock Exchange).
  • 2007Bolagsförvärv

    Bolaget etablerasThe biggest core drilling contractor in Finland, Smoy (Suomen Malmi OY) was acquired by Drillcon in April 2007.
  • 2009Nytt Dotterbolag

    Bolaget etablerasIn 2009, the subsidiary Drillcon Norway was founded.
  • 2011Bolagsförvärv

    Bolaget etablerasIn 2011, Nibu Borr AB core drilling division was acquired.
  • 201350 års firande

    Bolaget etablerasIn 2013, Drillcon was celebrated it’s 50-year anniversary.
  • 2015Avveckling

    Bolaget etablerasDuring 2015, it was decided to close down Drillcon SMOY (Suomen Malmi OY).
  • 2016Ny marknad

    Bolaget etablerasIn 2016, Drillcon Americas SpA was founded, seated in Santiago, Chile.
  • 2016Omorganisation

    Bolaget etablerasDuring 2016 Drillcon Core AB was re-organized and changed name to Drillcon Scandinavia AB and each subsidiary took responsibility for all drilling services in the market they operate in.

Idag är Drillcons huvudsakliga verksamhet uppdelad på tre dotterbolag, Drillcon Scandinavia AB Drillcon Iberia SA och Drillcon Americas SpA. Verksamheten omfattar kärnborrning, raiseborrning samt geotekniska undersökningar.